OLA Social Lunch Clubs

Lunch clubs are made available to students through the dedication of the OLA staff to positive wellbeing.  All clubs are offered in the student/staff lunch breaks with the exception of running club, which is offered, before school.   Lunch clubs are a place where students can share common interests, their talents and skills with other students.  It also supports the development of social skills in smaller groups and many new friendships are developed.


Throughout the year, the children at OLA have had the opportunity to be a member of the school Chess Club. The Club meets weekly during lunchtime. During each meeting the children learn the rules of the game and practise their skills with other children.

Running Club

Once a week at 8:15am all the students are invited to participate in a social running Club. Time for a chat, walk or run with old friends and new friends! Families welcome.

Garden Club

Our budding group of gardeners gather to plant, weed, water and feed our gardens! Many wonderful conversations and friendships are formed over a shovel or watering can. Parents and Grandparents are welcome to support the Garden Club.

Taiko Drums Club

There is very keen, ever expanding, group of Taiko Drummers who gather to practise and bond over some drumming. The various groups perform a number of times each year. The Club is a very welcoming and sometimes loud experience!

Choir Club

A chorus of children gather to enjoy the opportunity of singing in harmony together! The Choir sing in prayer at school Masses and perform in a variety of settings over the course of the year. The Choir’s happy tunes bring much joy to our community.

Drama Club

Groups of aspiring actors and actresses gather to strike a pose and recite some prose! Performances across the year and the many joyful rehearsals result in new friendships and a greater sense of personal confidence.

Library Club

Twice each week our curious readers, aspiring writers and those of us who just sit in awe looking at illustrations, gather in the library to enjoy story time. Many giggles and frowns are shared over a good book between friends in the library.

Swap Card Club

Once a week in Term 2 the chitter chatter and competition of swap cards comes to the fore as we gather to show off our best cards and trade our duplicates. So much passion is evident in the most wonderful conversations between friends and acquaintances.

Robotics Club

Our newly formed Robotics Club will gather to build, program and watch our lego robots in action. New friendships will be formed over robot dance offs, robot obstacle courses and robot races.

Craft Club

We have a club where we can get together and get creative. Do you like making things? Craft Club is the place to be, we stitch, stick, thread, cut, glue, knit bead, mosaic, paper mache and best of all learn and chat!