One of the distinguishing features of Catholic education is the focus not only on providing quality education, but also forming the student as a person of integrity, compassion, faith, wisdom, independence and self-conviction. This is achieved by encouraging students to work closely with their local parish, community groups, support local charities and participate in outreach or immersion experiences for the benefit of the whole community and the student’s personal development. By encouraging students to commit to community initiatives at school and outside the school environment, encapsulates two core objectives of Catholic schools: bringing Christ into the lives of the students and providing a learning experience for all students which allows them to grow and thrive.

OLA has a supportive community of teachers, parents, carers, P&F committee, clergy, parishioners, and support staff who work together to focus on students; encouraging success, promoting discipline, supporting creativity and instilling compassion.

Ways you can contribute to community life at OLA:

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

PMP is part of the curriculum for our Preps. The children gain a high level of self-awareness and confidence in relation to their bodies and space around them. This program stimulates left and right brain processes and enhances learning opportunities while having fun! PMP can only happen with the support of parents, grandparents or carers, as each lesson require 5 helpers. A roster is drawn up each term so there is room for everyone.

Classroom Helper Program

This offers a brilliant insight into everyday life inside your child’s classroom. Your help in whatever capacity the teacher requires; this may be helping the children with a set activity, reading with the children or helping them with a writing task. It is a very rewarding endeavour to partake in. Helpers attend a series of information sessions be/are assisting in the classroom. Commitment is flexible.

Class Representatives

Class representatives coordinate social activities and at times assist with special activities for your child’s class & teacher or the P & F. It is great and enjoyable way of getting to know the other parents in your childs’ class. Many of the reps in the past have organised morning teas, dinners or class picnic at a park.

Uniform Shop

Our Second Hand Uniform shop an site at the school is run by a dedicated team of volunteer family members. Again helpers are needed on a regular or casual basis to serve in the shop. New uniforms are purchased at Bob Stewarts in Mentone.

Maintenance Group

This is a friendly group of families at OLA who plan and coordinate regular working bees at the school where odd jobs and general maintenance occur. All families are encouraged to assist at working bees as more people make lighter work! The commitment here is also flexible, if you are only able to offer 1 hour on the day that’s great too. These days are combined with a free BBQ lunch or other sustenance to finish off the day and relax amongst new and old friends.


Our Parish fete occurs every 2 years with the next one being 2020. Families are encouraged to join the group which meets once a month to coordinate the event. Alternately you can contribute by putting forward any ideas, suggestions for donations, or offering a helping hand for the set up, pack up and/or the running on the fete day. Each class is allocated a stall to manage on a rostered basis. It is a fabulous day for our Parish community, we hope to see you all there.

“A helping hand is always welcome, but we feel in so many ways, it is also rewarded”

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