Lightning Premiership
16 March, 2018

On Friday 16th March, our senior students competed in the Lightning Premiership for their summer sports. Read some of their thoughts on the day:

Today we played volleyball at Springers stadium in Keysborough. We had a really good time and I’ve always ended up going through to the next division, which is a great achievement because we are a team of Year 5 boys. We won all four out of 4 matches against Stella Maris, Southmoor, Cheltenham East and Mentone Grammar. We would like to thank parents and teachers, especially Mrs¬†O’Meara and Sensei for coming. By Seb T, Nathan and Seb GC.

The day was fun, fun and more fun! We got to play fun games against other schools. The girls team was Indi, Claire, Sienna, Lucy, Rylee, Amelie, Ella, Sophie and Jess. We all work together and the boys and the pushing through enough to win and go through to the next level. Everyone had a great time and as soon as we all finished we wanted to play again! We can’t wait for winter inter-school sports! Thank you sensei for coaching us this year! By Indi, Claire and Lucy

We are from tennis and our experience of the day was awesome! It was fun and a great sport to do. We played Kingston Heath, Heatherton Christian College, Southmoor & Cheltenham East Primary Schools. It was hot and we all got tired but we still came first in B Division, winning all singles games except 4. We also won most doubles games. The ones that we lost were close scores. The most important part of the day was that we all had fun. Thank you to Mr Perkin for supporting us and for the parents that came to watch. By Ruby D, Stephanie, Alexia, Lachlan Knight and Lucas Grostal.