Kingston Council Junior Mayor Competition
16 May, 2019

On Thursday the 16th of May the four school captains went to run for the Junior Mayor election. It was at the Chelsea Town Hall. The mayor (Georgina Oxley – a past student of OLA) presented the awards to the people elected. There were 24 schools attending. Our head speaker was Isabelle G and our student representatives were Jess P, Hamish D and Sebastian T. Our speech was about habitat loss and animal endangerment and we thought we did a really good job. The boy who won (Jack from Patterson Lakes Primary) did a really inspiring rap/poem. We learnt lots from everyone’s speeches. At the end, there was joke time and Jess went up on stage to tell a joke. We sat next to people from St Pat’s in Mentone and we became friends with them. We had a really good time.