Car Parking facility is available within the school grounds, BUT NECESSITATES THE CO-OPERATION OF ALL PEOPLE WHO USE THIS AREA.

At all times and of paramount importance is the safety of all who use this area, particularly the students.

For the safety and wellbeing of all users, parents and family members are asked to observe the parking directions and restrictions in our car park area.  You are asked NOT to stop in the middle of the road to ‘load’ or ‘unload’ your children, as this is dangerous.  We are concerned for students’ safety and need your co-operation to teach them road safety.  Please be aware of the crossing in the car park for children to walk safely to their cars.

Parents and children have also been walking out the narrow drive through (southern side of Bracken Hall).    For everyone’s safety we ask you not to walk through this area.  Please bring this unsafe practice to the attention of your children.

We ask for your cooperation.  With everyone’s assistance the system will work and the staff should not have to act as parking officers to ensure its operation.

Many parents co-operate to enable our system to operate successfully. With TOTAL COOPERATION we will not become another school with a list of accidents.

All drivers are asked to follow the signs clearly marked.

1. No Parking in Clearway –  If you choose to stop in the ‘keep clear’ area, even for a short time, this lack of consideration for others can cause traffic congestion; place people and cars at risk, and generates some frustration for other motorists.

2. All pedestrians are to enter and exit the school via the double lines.  This includes people moving to and from their car.  Please work with your children to ensure this expectation is adhered to.

3.  All bikes entering or exiting the school will be wheeled inside the double whitelines.  NO riding of bikes permitted in school grounds.

4.  Parents cannot park or drop off in the laneway between the Church and the school building.

5.   All cars will travel at 10K.P.H. or less.

6.  If you are in a hurry please drop your children off outside the school grounds, either in Wilson St. or Centre Dandenong Rd. –  not across exit ways, but in a legal parking area.

We endeavour to provide this service for you, but we need your co-operation.  If you choose to park in the school grounds you must take responsibility for your actions.  With an intensive amount of traffic movement in a concentrated space of time, your patience and co-operation is of the greatest importance to ensure the safety of all.