We have rich and diverse teaching and learning programs at OLA. Students’ needs and interests are identified and catered for, as are different teaching and learning styles. We aim to develop each individual student’s potential through a range of holistic learning experiences.

At OLA students experience a broad range of subject areas. The R.E. curriculum aims to teach students and their families about their faith and engage them in the life of the school and parish through liturgies and reception of the Sacraments. The English curriculum includes: Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar; and Maths learning includes: Number and Algebra, Space and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

Inquiry includes science, geography, history, civics and citizenship; this area empowers students to be immersed in new areas of learning, research the answers to personal questions and present their findings to others.

Students also have learning experiences in dynamic Performing and Visual Arts, Japanese, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Library programs which are all taught by Specialist teachers. Classroom teachers include Performing Arts in their programs.

At OLA, we are currently implementing AusVELS, which is the new curriculum for students from Foundation (Prep) to Year 10. We will report student progress in relation to areas of this curriculum, with more areas to be added in the future.

All students undergo formal testing in Terms 1 and 3 in both English and Mathematics. The English tests include determining student progress in reading, word recognition, grammar, spelling, oral language and writing. The Mathematics testing covers all areas of numeracy. The tests are targeted for each student and this enables teachers to determine individual strengths as well as pinpointing areas for future learning. Other assessments are undertaken throughout the year, some are online.

At OLA, we aim to provide students with engaging experiences so that they become self-motivated, responsible learners for life. We have added a new dimension to our teaching and learning programs through the introduction of 1-to-1 iPads for Prep to Grade 6 students and all staff. All students are encouraged to share their learning with their families through the Digital Portfolios they create each term.

Outlines and explanations of learning programs and extra-curricular activities are detailed in the Level Term Overviews and Updates which are sent to families and communicated through the Newsletter.  We encourage all families to be a part of the wonderful learning at OLA.