Teaching and Learning

At Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Primary School we seek to prepare our students for their future by teaching them to be critical and creative problem solvers, who can work collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals. Teachers plan, assess and report according to the standards of the Victorian Curriculum and adjust their teaching in order to ensure that all students enjoy access to the full curriculum.

The focus of learning for students is on Religious Education, English, Mathematics, the Arts, Health and Physical Education and the Personal and Social capabilities, with students having the opportunity to explore Science and the Humanities through an inquiry based approach. Students from Years 1 to 6 also have the opportunity to engage in learning in the area of STEM and Digital Technologies.

Once a week students enjoy Specialist classes in the areas of Physical Education, LOTE (Japanese), Visual Arts and Library as a means of providing a well rounded approach to the learning areas of the curriculum. All year levels also enjoy a term of Performing Arts.

Throughout the year students have a broad range of opportunities both within school and as part of wider community events to explore their talents and interests through diverse learning experiences. Some of these include inter-school sports events, District and Regional level sporting events, Debating competitions, Chess, Taiko (Japanese) Drumming, Mini Vinnies, the Australian Maths Competition and Robotics.

At Our Lady of the Assumption we encourage the natural curiosity of our students and support them to become life long learners, equipped with the necessary skills to solve problems in a progressive world.


Religious Education – Sub-page

Religious Education and our Catholic identity underpin all that we do at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Primary School. We teach according to the Catholic Education Melbourne’s Religious Education framework ‘Horizons of Hope’ and look for opportunities for both staff and students to encounter God in their everyday lives. All classes begin their day by gathering in prayer together and three times a week the whole school participates in Christian meditation. Classes also take part in celebrations of the Eucharist throughout the year.

The aim of our Religious Education program is to ensure students have a sound knowledge of Catholic scripture and the traditions of the Catholic Church, and how these guide our own understandings of God and who we are as God’s people in a contemporary world. We encourage students to be aware of social justice issues and how each of us are called to stand in solidarity with those in need. Our student led ‘Mini Vinnies’ group provides students with opportunities to become aware of social issues and to take action through fundraising efforts or raising awareness within our community.

Through our Sacramental Program students and families are supported in preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation through workshops, reflection days and Religious Education lessons.


Digital Technologies – Sub-page


Digital Technology is an integral part of the learning and teaching process at OLA. In our increasing technological society, it is important for children to see technology as a practical tool which aids their life learning and which performs worthwhile and beneficial functions.


At OLA we have a dedicated computer lab incorporating a mixture of desktop computers, touchscreen all-in-one computers, and a bank of laptops. Each classroom has its own interactive smartboard and desktop computers.

It is an exciting time at OLA as we transition from our 1-to-1 iPad program to a technology program incorporating a variety of digital devices. 2017 has provided us with an opportunity to explore more technology with the students in an ever changing digital world. We have been able to purchase several banks of Chromebooks and iPads which will be available for use in all classrooms this year.


2017 has also seen the introduction of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) classes for all students. STEM is an approach to teaching the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a cohesive, integrated way rather than as discrete disciplines. STEM learning encourages collaborative, hands-on inquiry in which students work through the process of problem-solving using their scientific literacy and logical thinking to design and implement an investigation. To assist with the teaching of STEM classes, we have also been able to purchase a class set of Lego WeDo 2.0 for use with the Gr2-6 classes, as well as a class set of BeeBots to use with the junior classes.


Specialist Classes – Sub-page

At OLA we offer excellent specialist programs in Visual Arts, Japanese, Physical Education and Library. All classes participate in a term of Performing Arts and instrumental lessons are offered on a weekly basis.

Physical Education lessons include skill development, fitness and learning to be healthy. Each year our senior students participate in the School Sports Victoria (SSV) interschool competition and a number of our students/teams regularly go on to participate at District and Regional levels of competition. Prep students participate in a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which aims to develop fine and gross motor skills.

We are very proud of our library and reading program at OLA. The weekly library lesson is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop a love of literature and have access to a wide variety of texts to borrow and share at home. Children also have access to the library twice a week with a library lunch club.

OLA has a purpose built visual arts space that is well resourced and encourages the development of variety of skills. Classes regularly create temporary and permanent art displays across the school; we love celebrating their creativity and skill.

The Japanese (LOTE) Program is a very rich and vibrant experience for all students at OLA. We have Taiko drumming club, engaging digital learning resources and a fantastic Japanese Day Festival.