Inquiry & Specialist Classes

At OLA we offer excellent specialist programs in Visual Arts, Japanese, Physical Education and Library. All classes participate in a term of Performing Arts and instrumental lessons are offered on a weekly basis.

Physical Education lessons include skill development, fitness and learning to be healthy. Each year our senior students participate in the School Sports Victoria (SSV) interschool competition and a number of our students/teams regularly go on to participate at District and Regional levels of competition. Prep students participate in a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which aims to develop fine and gross motor skills.

We are very proud of our library and reading program at OLA. The weekly library lesson is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop a love of literature and have access to a wide variety of texts to borrow and share at home. Children also have access to the library twice a week with a library lunch club.

OLA has a purpose built visual arts space that is well resourced and encourages the development of variety of skills. Classes regularly create temporary and permanent art displays across the school; we love celebrating their creativity and skill.

The Japanese (LOTE) Program is a very rich and vibrant experience for all students at OLA. We have Taiko drumming club, engaging digital learning resources and a fantastic Japanese Day Festival.