Student Wellbeing is comprised of two key components: Student Services and Student Wellbeing.

At OLA we are dedicated to ensuring the positive wellbeing of every student in our care. The children are empowered to feel that they belong to a caring, welcoming community where each child is respected and valued.

student wellbeing

Social and Emotional Learning aims at educating children to become aware of their emotional health and how to develop resilience when challenged by adversity. Early childhood development experts agree that the key to a student’s learning success lies in their ability to self regulate their emotions. Self regulation is the term to describe how we manage our stress levels in a variety of situations and demands. We heavily invest in our resilience programs because optimal Wellbeing is the foundation for successful learning and developing positive self esteem.

The Student Wellbeing component focuses on the development of resilience and social skills for all students. At OLA we use a variety of programs and strategies, the Make Jesus Real initiative and the Circle Time strategy are core aspects of our approach to Wellbeing. These programs enable our students to develop a positive mindset alongside strategies which strengthen resilience and foster a strong sense of belonging to our school.

The Social Skills Clubs are made available to students through the dedication of the OLA staff to positive wellbeing. All clubs, with the exception of running club, are offered in the student/staff lunch breaks. The clubs support the social development of students through a variety of interests and help to build many friendships; amazing talents and skills are developed in a fun way!

student wellbeing

Student services provide support to students who may be experiencing difficulties in their learning. Support may be in the form of implementing an explicit Individual Learning Plan to enable the student to experience success in their learning, provide specialised services through the Catholic Education Office such as Speech Pathology, Psychology and Educational Advisors, as well as facilitating Program Support Group meetings with families and staff to deliver the best outcomes for our students.

The Student Services component engages a variety of external services, such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists, to support students and families. It also provides a range of resources to support student learning both at school and at home.

Student Wellbeing is supported by several policies which highlight Pastoral care, Discipline and Anti-Bullying. These policies enhance our teaching and learning practices and embrace the importance of being connected to our school and parish community.