Art Show 2017 – Around the World
07 September, 2017

Thank you to all the students and their families for attending and supporting our OLA ART SHOW 2017. It was a wonderful 2 nights full of lots of things to see and do. The children really loved receiving their passports to take them around the 8 different countries of the world. They loved doing the interactive art activities with their families and showing off their creative talents.

Our art show really showcased how busy the children from P-6 have been in the Visual Arts room so far this year. They have had the opportunity to use a range a techniques and materials and learn a lot about many artists from around the world. They were very excited to share their artworks and talents with the OLA Community.

Thank you to the families who created their little poly person for our cultural diversity art installation. It was definitely a highlight of the art show. Thanks to Nick Hollier who worked extremely hard to create the huge stand where they could all be seen so well. A big thank you also to the P&F for the sausage sizzle and drink stall.

“My favourite activity was Japan because I liked using ink to write calligraphy. My favourite piece of artwork was the  sunflower paintings because they had lots of colours” Zara 1/2VDC

“My favourite piece of artwork is the Starry Night because it feels like it’s moving. My favourite activity was how to make your own masquerade mask” Angus 1/2VDC

“I liked seeing the Japanese writing because we learn Japanese” Eleni 1/2CG

“I liked the activities, they were fun and I learn a lot” Isla 1/2 CG

“It was spectacular and fun for all ages” Gabriel 3/4BB”The Art show was exciting and fun!” Sebastian 3/4BB

“It was better that the Art Show at my other school as there was more artwork and it was cool!” Eloise 3/4BB

“I liked the activities particularly the batik and I liked the passport idea” Ella 3/4BB

“I liked the dolls because my sister and I got to decorate it” William PCP